Thursday, November 24, 2011

A gift for baby.

G'day. Some time ago I posted a picture of a couple of blocks that I had made to go into a quilt  as gift to a workmate who is having her first child in another six weeks or so. The above photo is the finished quilt. This quilt was my idea and I approached two other work friends who also like to quilt/sew. Two of us had completed our blocks, but the other girl decided that she just didn't have the time to commit to making her blocks, so she handed over her fabric and work friend and I completed them.

Seeing that the quilt was my idea, I felt compelled to have a greater input into the finishing of it, which is exactly what I did. Luckily (!!!!) I had been home from work this past week with food poisoning and it gave me the time to get this quilt completed. The farewell dinner was held last night at a local hotel here in the town where I live/work, but due to still not being well, I couldn't attend. Fellow friend/workmate/quilter, picked the quilt up yesterday afternoon, it was all lovingly wrapped in tissue paper and in a lovely gift bag all ready to be presented last night. I am eagerly awaiting to hear if the recipient liked it . It's a shame the quality of the photo I took is so poor, but in my haste to have a photo of the quilt and my outdoor clothes line was full of washing, I hung it on the line under the "entertaining" area, which is in the shade. It really did turn out lovely. If I say so myself, we did a great job of it.I can now settle down and continue on with my Christmas stitchery quilt that I started some weeks ago, though it is not going to make it in time for this Christmas, but there's always next year... Take care. Liz...

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  1. The quilt looks really lovely, she is a very lucky girl....a new baby and a quilt....