Saturday, November 5, 2011

A few problems with this bag

The bag is finally finished. I sat down yesterday afternoon and completed the last of it.

I can't say that I am happy with it. I read and re read the pattern numerous times. No where in it did it mention the border around the top and yet clearly on the pattern picture there is a border. So I made one, taking a guess at what it should measure. I even added an inside pocket that wasn't on the pattern.

All was well up to this point.Then disaster struck. Hubby was impatient for me to help him with something in the garage, so out I went, got the job done, then back to the bag, determined to get it finished so I can go onto another long awaited project.

Phone rang, visitors want to call in and well, visit. Hurry, hurry, hurry with bag. Not a good idea at the best of times. I attached one of the handles on back to front, didn't realise this until I had put the lining in. Silly, silly me. Unpick it all, put handle on right way. Sew lining in again. Somethings not right. What this time? Lining is about 2 inches from the base of the bag. What have I done wrong? Back to pattern, can't figure it out except that by adding the border, it has thrown the pattern measurements out. Of course that's it. I can't work out why the picture on the pattern has a border and yet it's not in the instructions.

I now have a bag for a Christmas gift that has a lining shorter than the actual bag base. What a nuisance. I have decided to still give this as a present and will explain why it is not quite right. I know the recipient will get a laugh out of it and it will not worry her.

 I have been making bags for a very long time and used to be know as "The Bag Lady" with friends, family and work mates and over the years have made and sold many, many bags. Have never had a problem like this. This simple little bag has defeated me.I intend to make one of these bags for myself, so will see what happens and I will be aware now of the problem.  I even contacted the store owner where I originally bought the pattern. She told me it was an old pattern and had no idea about the cause, only to suggest that maybe it was originally made without the top border and for some reason that border was added later, but not put in the instructions. Oh Hum................


  1. Sometimes the smallest project can become a saga. I am great at unpicking too. The stitcheries are very cute & you can't see the fault. Perfection is over rated, inless it is purrrfection! Tracee xx

  2. How annoying when something goes wrong like that. I often find that once I've made one mistake, I make many more in the same quilt. Is it the pattern trying to tell me it didn't want to be made in those fabrics, or is it me being imaptient and irritated? No, can't be me, so must be the pattern.

  3. Not good when we have a bad run with our sewing!Cue little stitcheries too!

  4. the bag is really lovely, i am a pro at reverse sewing.....

    i am sure it will be treasured all the more for it's faults