Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas quilt. Block two.

G'day. Because the weather has been so bad here over the weekend, it has given me a chance to sit and do some more of the BOM that I am making.Normally I would probably be out trying to get our garden on the go. Though the sun came through yesterday afternoon and was actually quite warm, so in a burst of inspiration I put the stitching down and got the lawn mower going and made the front and back yards respectable again.

Hubby has a very bad cold at the moment and has either been laying down or sitting quietly in the lounge room reading a book, so because of this and the weather and the fact that I need his help in the garden design, doing some stitching seemed like a good idea. So, block two is now finished. I have already started on block three and now that I have some shopping and housework and a bit of gardening out of the way, I may be able to sit and do some of it today. This is my short week at work where I only work Wednesday and Thursday, so I am hoping tomorrow may see a bit more of this lovely quilt coming together as well.Take care. Liz... 

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