Monday, January 2, 2012

Oh, she is a sweetie.

I made this sweet girl some time ago and she has been moved from pillar to post ever since. I have never found just the right spot for her since we have moved into our new home.

But I think I have solved the problem. She now hangs proudly on the wall just outside the main bedroom and she really does look quite at home.

To be brutally honest, I did have her there once before, for a very short time, but hubby kept saying "Does she have to hang there"? So I moved her and hung a picture on the wall instead, but, I was never happy with it and in my heart I knew she belonged there.

I have made an executive decision. I have moved her back to where she belongs. Once again she is  on the wall outside the main bedroom and this decision is final.

I am sure I saw her give just the slightest hint of a smile when I put her back.Don't you think she looks happy? Oh, by the way, did I tell you her name is Millie?