Saturday, March 31, 2012

Mug mats.

G'day. I haven't done much sewing of late, but yesterday, managed to make the spicy mug mats that I have wanted to get done for some time.

I bought the bright and breezy fabric some time ago as I love the vibrant colors and had these mats in mind for it.

I have put a homemade sachet of allspice in them, this can be removed when the mats need washing.

I am not entirely happy with the Allspice, the theory is that when a hot cup is placed on them, they should release the fragrance of the spice, but mine do not. Does anyone have a tried and true recipe they could give me please? I know I can get any number from the Internet, but I am hoping someone out there will have a good one. Take care. Liz...